We contract our employees to you. Let us help you increase your quality, capacity and productivity by utilizing our team. HL Welding’s vast international team of skilled tradesman take great pride in meeting our client’s needs and schedule while maintaining the highest quality standards and safety. Our team consists of 1st class journeyman-level workers with the majority of them with over 10 years of experience in their specialized field.


  • Why utilize contract workers? (click to expand & collapse)  +

    • Allows you Increase or decrease the number of skilled workers on demand
    • Allows you to take on more projects with the confidence of worker availability
    • Increases production to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our employees will work any hours that our clients require
    • Our workers are available to go anywhere any time
  • How do contract workers reduce your labor costs? (click to expand & collapse) +

    • Reduce or eliminate the human resource department tasked to search for, interview, assess and hire qualified workers.
    • Reduce payroll costs (e.g. unemployment, payroll, accounting, book keeping)
    • Reduce worker compensation insurance through lower payroll costs
    • HL Welding pays all worker liability and compensation insurance


  • HL Welding’s Worker Requirements (click to expand & collapse) +

    • HLW Worker History
      • Criminal Background Check
      • Onboarding Drug Screen
      • Work History Screen Type 1: Min. 2 years of steady employment
      • Work History Screen Type 2: Positive reference/supervisor reviews

    • Minimum 3 years of 1st class/journeyman level experience
    • Working permit (as applicable)
    • Job specific certifications
    • Random drug screening
    • Medical screening


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